SWAT cops in Ferguson Missouri from St. Louis arrested two reporters in a McDonald’s for not showing them ID.

The cops refused to give the reporters their name.

The cops mocked a black man in the paddy wagon requesting medical assistance for a heart condition.

Since the judicial sons of bitches that wear black robes in the United States are now subject to throwing out any police brutality cases upon specific officers, due to ‘judicial immunity’, individual cops are free to abuse any citizen they want. Even kill them, as has been done in Ferguson Missouri where an unarmed black teenager was killed for no legitimate reason by white cops.

This has led to a wave of protests in Ferguson where citizens merely protesting are being injured with rubber bullets and mace and also arrested for no real reasons.

The 9 monkeys on the US Supreme Court have basically destroyed Civil Rights lawsuits in the United States with decades of cases throwing out almost any action upon police officers in almost every jurisdiction of Federal Law. The logic is the cops are not liable for doing their job even if it includes pumping 50 bullets into a car for a broken headlight that refuses to obey a police officer.

The legal system lets these cops walk from any liablity, but a properly filed civil rights complaint can still be used agains the cops city or state, with a claim of improper training.

Cops understand they are now free to abuse any citizen they want, and they often do.

Since they have the shield of judicial immunity to protect them.

Just like crooked prosecutors and even corrupt judges have the same judicial immunity shield and you cannot sue them, such abuse cases against components of ‘the system’ are routinely thrown out of Federal courts where civil rights laws from the 1960′s to protect citizens have been destroyed by the US Supreme Court rulings saying ‘FUCK THE LAW YOU CAN’T SUE A COP, OR PROSECUTOR OR JUDGE’.

But they still allow you to sue the city or state. But it’s almost impossible now to sue the US Federal Government over abuse from its alphabet soup array of brutal police in the FBI, CIA and NSA.

They do what they want and wipe their protected asses with the US Constitution, that is the reality of ‘justice’ in the evil empire called the United States.

Recent US Supreme Court cases have also destroyed the constitutional right to PROTEST in the USA. This was a basic right in the original Constitution that the bastards and bitches in robes on the USSC have destroyed.

For instance the Secret Service can favor what groups are near the US President when he appears, isolating protestors to be blocks away from the President.

The USSC is also now promoting violence against abortion centers by ruling protection zones protecting the patients are illegal, thus promoting a future wave of abortion clinic violence that is sure to strike AGAIN.

Read the story, now you understand why cops act with immunity against police brutality. Reporters Arrested in Missouri

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